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Chrome Nails

Chrome Nails All in Trends

We have a wide variety of gel colors to decorate your nails, from trendy colors to decals and much more.

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Glitter Fancy

Fancy Pink

We have a Great Variety of Glitter Confettis of all Kinds of Colors in Limited Quantities

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New Beginning Collection

ordered now our new collection and/oh individual fine glitter uses for encapsulation oh your freehand designs

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Version of our products

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Miguelina: Her best seller for 3 years, pineapple oil is my favorite and oatmeal and coffee soap cannot be missing on your dressing table.

Rich Pantoja:She is the best I love the way she made everything with clean professionalism well in short everything I know how she does this I am part of each step of her products in short my favorite carrot and collagen soap

sherliam I love their soaps since I bought them since I heard about them I also like their products, you can buy them without any problem